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Much Ado…

It’s so easy for Muslim men to comment on and point out all the flaws Muslim women have: wears a hijab, doesn’t wear a hijab, wears full sleeves, doesn’t wear full sleeves, prays, doesn’t pray, fasts, doesn’t fast, dates, doesn’t date, etc. The list goes on. Excuse me, take a minute to reflect on yourself you judgmental, hypocritical little prick. Are you following all the Islamic guidelines set forth for you? Are you doing and saying all the right things? Because, no amount of women covering their heads and staying home to take care of your families will be able to wash away your sins, your hypocrisy, and your naivete. So instead of harping on us all the time about what we should and/or should not do, focus on yourself and try to achieve some semblance of modesty and self-respect—if, in fact, you’re capable of such maturity and reflection. 

I’m honestly so sick of this b.s.: “Oh sister, why do you not cover your head? In Islam it’s mandatory for you to do so.” Oh? Really? You don’t say. Well, in that case, there’s plenty more that’s been made mandatory by our religion—let’s cover the basics shall we? We must not lie, cheat, & steal; we must not speak ill of others; we must not act as hypocrites; we must forgive and seek forgiveness; we must educate; we must respect everyone (men/women/children/elderly); etc. Check off as much of that as you can, then we’ll talk about the hijab, which btw, is my own personal choice, trying to guilt trip or forcing me to do it doesn’t really count. Too often we pick and choose which guidelines to follow and which to ignore so that they are always to our benefit; if you’ve got the backbone for it, choose to follow them all, and then we can have a civil discussion about whatever you’d like. And in case anyone was wondering, hijab isn’t just mandatory for women, it’s mandatory for men as well. So, hey guys, show some haya’a, some modesty—quit wearing them shorts and showing them boxers, for starters.

All the Islamic rules and regulations weren’t just made for women, they were made for men too; so why is it necessary for us to follow everything, and optional for you to follow anything?

Growing a beard and praying five times a day doesn’t suddenly grant you access to bully and belittle anyone publicly, nor does it give you the right to start touting a holier-than-thou, high-horse mentality around everyone else. In fact, if anything, it should grant you the wisdom to make peace with your surroundings and to educate politely.

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