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Surrounded By Buffoons

Honestly, if some Muslims had it their way, no one would ever be able to raise opposition to any opinion anywhere. We’d all be mindless drones following whatever teaching whichever scholar tells us is right about our religion—a religion which gives us the freedom to learn and practice it as individuals, as opposed to strictly en masse or by hierarchy.

For crying out loud people, you were entrusted with brains and the ability to think for a purpose, if God didn’t want you thinking, HE WOULDN’T HAVE AFFORDED YOU THAT LUXURY. 

I swear, if I hear one more line about how people should keep their dissenting opinions to themselves or how we shouldn’t share our thoughts on controversial topics and let the scholars decide for us, I’m going to dropkick that person in the face.

Btw did I mention the Prophet (PBUH) himself welcomed questions and discussions about anything and everything? Yeah. Think about that.

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